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Volume 4 Issue 1, 2018

1 Rerouting Wharton’s duct - a surgical remedy for intraoral excision of ranula
Prasanna Kumar Saravanam, Vinoth Manimaran, Preethi Umamaheswaran
DOI: 10.31254/jmr.2018.4101
J. Med. Res., 2018;4(1):1-3
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2 Mesenteric GIST: A case report
A.K Das, Tarjina Begum, Bedanta Barman, Prajna Anirvan
DOI: 10.31254/jmr.2018.4102
J. Med. Res., 2018;4(1):4-6
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3 Inverted duct papilloma of mid oesaphagus with unusual histological features
Niranjana Kesav, Sathiya Bama, Radhakrishnan, Arbind Kumar
DOI: 10.31254/jmr.2018.4103
J. Med. Res., 2018;4(1):7-9
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4 Accuracy of haemoglobin estimation by non-invasive Pulse Co-oximetry method: A prospective observational study among Neonates, Children and Young Adults
Pulak Panda, Monimala Sen
DOI: 10.31254/jmr.2018.4104
J. Med. Res., 2018;4(1):10-15
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5 Polynuclear neutrophil variation and oxidative stress in Type 2 Diabetics
Arsène Kabamba Tshikongo, Reagen Kilela Songela, Joelle Kibulu Koke, Sifa Semakuba Mawazo, Zet Lukumwena Kalala, Albert Longanga Otshudi
DOI: 10.31254/jmr.2018.4105
J. Med. Res., 2018;4(1):16-19
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6 Erythrocyte alloimmunization, rhesus and kell phenotypes for women of childbearing age in Yaounde
Ngo Sack Françoise, Tchongouang David, Chetcha C. Bernard, Essomba René
DOI: 10.31254/jmr.2018.4106
J. Med. Res., 2018;4(1):20-23
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7 Seroprevalence of dengue virus among children with febrile illness in Nnewi, Nigeria
Chukwuma G.O., Audu J.S., Chukwuma O.M., Manafa P.O., Ebugosi R.S., Akulue J.C., Aneke J.C., Ahaneku G.I., Nchinda G.W., Esimone C.O.
DOI: 10.31254/jmr.2018.4107
J. Med. Res., 2018;4(1):24-30
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8 Bucco-dental manifestations of sickle-cell anemia in Cameroonian children and adolescents
Chetcha Chemegni B, Emelemie Megningue N, Ngo Sack F, Ngouadjeu E, Bodieu Kenmegne A, Bengondo C, Mbanya D
DOI: 10.31254/jmr.2018.4108
J. Med. Res., 2018;4(1):31-36
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9 Hematopoietic profile of the umbilical cord blood of Congolese neonates
Arsène Kabamba Tshikongo, Joelle Kibulu Koke, Sifa Semakuba Mawazo, Zet Lukumwena Kalala, Albert Longanga Otshudi
DOI: 10.31254/jmr.2018.4109
J. Med. Res., 2018;4(1):37-41
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10 Feeding practices and impact of nutritional counseling coupled with home-based follow-up on the knowledge of mothers of children hospitalized for severe acute malnutrition
Nguefack Félicitée, Chiabi Andreas, Nguetsa Nguelemo Rodrigues, Tarla Norbert Njong, Dongmo Roger
DOI: 10.31254/jmr.2018.4110
J. Med. Res., 2018;4(1):42-47
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11 Comparative study for the prediction of large oesophagheal varices by ultrasound doppler and serum markers in portal hypertension due to liver cirrhosis
Bhumika Vaishnav, Arvind Bamanikar, Ladli Chatterjee, Gaganpreet Grewal, Arjun Lal Kakrani
DOI: 10.31254/jmr.2018.4111
J. Med. Res., 2018;4(1):48-52
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12 Critical care air transport: Experiences of a decade
M N Vijai, Parli R Ravi, Abhishek Pathania
DOI: 10.31254/jmr.2018.4112
J. Med. Res., 2018;4(1):53-58
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